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Showing all 10 results

What makes Tanjiro Figures great collectibles ?

Tanjiro is an unmissable character of the Demon Slayer manga, he is the protagonist and has a unique personality that marked the mind of many fans and inspired others to be better in their daily lives. Tanjiro is a very positive person that always strives to see the good in others and is forgiving even to the worst demons which makes him a great role model for the younger generations. The figures of this popular anime character are amazing collectibles for the fans to grab as they represent him in a faithful way that could be described as the perfect replica (although this Demon Slayer Figure is in a diminished scale).

Where should i get my official Tanjiro toy figures ?

Demon Slayer World is the official online store for Demon Slayer goodies and merchandise, we have years of experience in the online business and our customers are always satisfied with our service. Join the adventure today and become a member of the Demon Slayer corps by grabbing one of these amazing little statues of Tanjir Kamado, the young aspiring demon slayer!

Please note that most of these figures are replicas made of PVC and display the character in his original anime outfit.