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Showing all 14 results

Every Demon Slayer kimono Patterns available

Yes, you read it right : we have grouped in this section all the available Kimono patterns from all of the Demon Slayer characters. Whether you like Tanjiro Kamado’s back and green checkered pattern, Urokodaki Sakonji’s blue and cloudy pattern or even Zenitsu Agatsuma’s yellow with white triangles patterned kimono they are all made available in this splendid collection of traditional Kimetsu no Yaiba kimonos.

What makes our Kimetsu no Yaiba Kimonos so great?

Our kimonos are official replicas of the kimonos worn in the anime by the protagonists of the story. They are made of a mix of cotton and polyester to provide warmth and comfort. We put the quality of our products on the top of the priority list, which is why these kimonos are so great! Most of the customers who have tried them out are unanimous : they are great Demon Slayer inspired clothes to wear during the manga events and halloween parties as well as being cool streetwear looking Japanese clothes.

Why buy your Demon Slayer Kimono from us?

With Demon Slayer World, you get the best products available on the market at very affordable prices when it comes to Demon Slayer Merchandise, we also provide one of the best customer services out there which can be a big plus compared to our copetitors. These kimonos showcase the original pattern designs from the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, they are soft to touch and provide a great experience to whoever wears them.

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