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Showing 1–16 of 31 results

Introducing the Demon Slayer Jacket collection 2022

Welcome to our collection of Demon Slayer pattern inspired jackets, we strive to give the fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba the best merchandise available on the market at any given time. Our jackets are made of a mix of polyesther, spandex and cotton to ensure a warm experience to anyone who wears them.

Feeling cold during winters? These Demon Slayer jackets will be the right fit for your need! they have a double layer that allows them to stop cold wind as well as keep you warm.

What are the Jackets in Demon Slayer Called?

The type of “coat” worn by almost all the characters of the manga is a Haori (羽織), it is a light jacket that is mostly worn over a kimono in the western world. In Demon Slayer, the characters wear their haori over the notorious Demon Slayer uniform that is easily recognizable by its black color with a white belt and buttons.

What jacket does Tanjiro wears?

Tanjiro mostly wears a black and green checkered jacket over his demon slayer corps uniform but he is also seen wearing Urokodaki Sakonji’s cloud kimono : A blue coat with white clouds drawn on it that represents the peaceful blue sky.

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