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Ever wondered what these three words mean ? Which language they come from ? Let us answer your questions :

Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer Corps

 Kimetsu No Yaiba means “Demon Killing Blade” in japanese, Mostly known as the japanese name of the famous anime series “Demon Slayer“. It follows the life of young man “Tanjiro Kamado“, who after leaving his family for a small trip to town, comes back to a scene of horror with all his family killed by what appears to be a “demon”.except one person : his sister Nezuko.who happens to turn into a demon.

the story then evolves into Tanjiro becoming a Demon Slayer to avenge his dead family and find help to cure his sister’s disease.

The anime series is a 26 episodes long tv series adaptation produced by ufotable.

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